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April 11, 2022

Kent Ro Tv Ad - Hema Malini - Common sense is not common

April 10th, 2019

This is the height of narcissism and fooling oneself. Hemamalini aged 71 acts as a mother to a Kid aged around 6 to 7 years old in an advertisement. Height of ridiculousness. Agreed that Hemamalini is a celebrity but should an advertising agency stoop to that level that their advertising campaign becomes a laughing stock?


Siddharth Sai: Heroes of that age still act as bachelors in movie

Shakuntala Kuchibhotla: I agree.

Rohini Pisupati: Exactly my thoughts...neither the actor nor the company thought of their own credibility before doing this...laughing stock, yes of course!

Jyothi Potluri: Where in the advertisement does the young girl indicate Hemamalini is her mom??? All the young girl said was - “my mom says...” and there are 4 other kids in the same room. It is all in ones’ imagination I suppose and in my imagination, the beautiful lady who walks in at the end can be a nanny to all those kids 😜 or grandma who is babysitting

Vijay Singh: Jyothi Potluri yes correct.

Anil Ramesh: Sure, that is the beauty of the advertisement, you can Interpret it the way you want. You interpreted it as a grandmother, but as there is no empirical proof one way or the other I interpreted it the other way and assumed her to be a mother. Like they say, Jo, to every man and woman as they feel and like.

Rajkumar Selvaraj: Actually my wife pointed it out to fact, I too gave the same interpretation that Jyothi Potluri has given. 

Anil Ramesh: Good for you Rajkumar Selvaraj

Rajkumar Selvaraj: Anil, they heard you. Kent does not show the kid for the past few days!

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