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April 11, 2022

Quit Belly aching and enjoy the times as long as they last.



Management graduates are having a good time. Excellent curriculum, Placement departments at their beck and call and organisations bending backwards to accommodate each and every whim, and fancy.

What with pick and drop, liberal breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertainment facilities, employees are spoilt for choice. And most of them even have flexible working hours, facilities to work from home and attractive ESOP options.

A series of envelope calculations have revealed some very interesting insights. I started in 1987 with a then handsome salary of 1800 rupees per month. To put things in perspective my placement was at the par of Management trainees recruited at that time, but lower than what IIMs would get at that time which was around Rs 3000/- per month.

Inflation corrected, Rs 1800 would translate to a salary of Rs 18,000/- per month in today’s terms.  Even decent B-school’s least packages that were got for their students is around 3,60,000 rupees a year or 30,000/- rupees per month which are 160% higher than what I got as a so-called good salary in 1987!

A decent salary that most normal B-school graduates expect is Rs 50,000/- which would be Rs 5,000/- in 1987, a salary that was offed to an RSM with 10-15 years of experience.

And not to forget that a normal colour TV costed Rs 10,000/- rupees, and a Maruti 800 costed Rs 70,000 in 1987. Which meant that I had to shell down 6 months’ salary to buy a colour TV and 3.5 years’ salary to buy a Maruti. And there were no easy EMI options from friendly banks and ever eager financing companies.

Compare that with a management graduate earning Rs 50,000 per month today. With that Rs 50,000 salary per month he can easily buy the best 55-inch colour TV with his first month's salary itself and he is looking at an entry-level car of Rs 4,00,000/- with 8 months’ salary. And mouth-watering options from banks and financing companies galore dime a dozen.  So quit bellyaching and enjoy your times. These times are very good, enjoy them as long as they last.


Snigdha: True sir! EMI is the best option in recent times. Although we end up paying a little additional amount, that is the flexible option. This write up reminded me of what my grandmother used to say about her era! times when a diamond-studded necklace costed Rs.350 and 300sqft land was cost Rs. 12000.

I always mock my grandmother saying you should’ve purchased tons of jewellery and lands back then! We could’ve been millionaires by now.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.: That is precisely the point. Even though the land was available at Rs 12,000/-, 300 square yards, money was in short supply. Buying the same land for 50 lakhs now is easier than at Rs 12,000 rupees then.

M. Anil Ramesh.: In EMI you end up paying not a little more, much much more. For example, if you take a housing loan for 10 lakhs. You end up paying almost that much amount as interest over a 15 year period.

Snigdha: yes sir, what would be the suitable option if not EMI?

Dr.M. Anil Ramesh.: No I was only impressing upon you that EMI is not a little extra, it is a lot extra.

Snigdha: yes sir

Pavani Penukonda: You know how to pull people towards your post🙂

Rashmi D Rao: Pavani Penugonda I agree with what you said. Anil Ramesh sir just knows the trick.

Anil Ramesh: Thanks Pavani Penugonda for the lovely Comment. I am still learning. Write and rewrite and edit many times. Take time on selecting a nice crisp picture. Try to add a snappy title. And share it and wait with bated breath for comments. When someone comments, suddenly it is worth the effort. Thanks a lot. And how is the little one? Are you visiting India in the near future?

Pavani Penugonda: Little one is great she is 10 months and already keeping us busy running. Yes I am planning sometime soon. Waiting on Interview dates to book my flight

Rashmi D Rao: Well written piece Anil Ramesh Sir. The title and image are just perfect.

Anil Ramesh: Thanks Rashmi D Rao, image selected itself based on the title. Belly aching is a very US-based analogy.

Alamuri Suryanarayana: Near Oxymoron???

Anil Ramesh: Wish you have commented on the post rather than on "the near future". Anyhow in my view near future is not an oxymoron. The future could be quite far away and the near future is something closer Alamuri Suryanarayana.

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