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April 28, 2022

Swiggy delivery - Ambient advertising & Complementary Advertising

22nd April 

This curveball was thrown at me by my degree classmate, Rajiv Nagpal. He asked me "Advertisement with Food ๐Ÿฅ˜. What is it called ?"

I am throwing this at you? "What is it called?" Thanks, Rajiv for the curveball, query!

Of course, I answered him and we had a fun discussion!

Come on my Marketing Mavericks. Put on your thinking hats!


Good morning here is the answer to the query posted yesterday. 

Many have participated enthusiastically and given answers and explanations. 

I really appreciate their efforts. Goes to prove that "Whatsapp can be used for constructive purposes too". ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜€

This is called Ambient Advertising. The product that we use/procure becomes the base to advertise another product. 

For example, Nirma says its washing powder works better with a videocon washing machine and wise versa. It can also be called Complementary advertising.

Wish my students were as inquisitive as you are!  


Pavani Penugonda: Direct Home marketing method-Eg Topprz

Anil Ramesh: No Pavani keep trying. I must have taught you in the marketing subject.

Pavani Penugonda: Anil Ramesh Will wait to hear the answer. I’m curious now

Anil Ramesh: All in good time. Sabar ka pal meetha hota hai!

Pavani Penugonda: Cross-selling advertising was something that came in my mind … since this is not their own service… I ruled it out

Anil Ramesh: Good one, keep trying Pavani Penugonda

Hareesh Rebelli: Flyers...

Rashmi D Rao: This may be a part of Display Advertising in combination with Guerilla Marketing that's mostly known as Food Advertising in the Food Industry. Done for attention-grabbing and some unconventional type of marketing. These days another marketing concept i.e. experimental marketing is also a trend.

Amber Jaiswal: Although it has been a long 13 years .. with far more development in marketing types and strategies, the one I recall close matching with “ this” is Affiliate Marketing To our Marketing guru for the confirmation and /or correct answer

Anil Ramesh: I have given my answer Amber Jaiswal. Check in the original post.

Karimulla Shaik: Sir, Thank you for enlightening us

Conversation with Mr.Rajiv Nagpal who posed the original question: 

Dr.M. Anil Ramesh: Incidentally what was inside, a burger is it?

Rajiv Nagpal: I will ask,  the wrapper is being served at Hyderabad today. My nephew ordered something today and got this wrapper along with his packing

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.: You don't know what is inside. My guess is something oily/greasy! Definitely not a serving of carrots or fruits! Guessing from the advertisement.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.: Could be some sort of sweet like Gulab jamoon too!

Rajiv Nagpal: Bread and omelette from a healthy restaurant were ordered.

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh.: Surprising then this ad is inappropriate. In fact, you should complain to the bread and omlette provider. This ad is shouting "from the rooftops that the food is unhealthy"!

Rajiv Nagpal: No I will  share the site of delivery u will understand

Dr. M. Anil Ramesh: Okay.

Rajiv Nagpal: The ordering platform is Swiggy. One of the companies has evolved in mutual concurrence to attract diabetes and consciousness about healthy food.

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