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April 28, 2022

Ola Scooters - Biting off more than it can chew! - The chicken have come home to roost - Bad products testing -Not learning from mistakes!

27th April 2022

Ola scooters in particular and electric scooters, in general, need to get their act together. 

Electric scooters were seen as the ultimate barrier to cross. Nonpolluting, energy-efficient, and low cost of running and maintenance were the most attractive aspects.

Of course, the starting cost (over a lakh rupees) was exorbitant, but Indians did not mind it. 

But Ola seems to have messed it up royally. First, the deliveries were late and not up to the mark. 

And to rub salt in the wound the scooter was not performing as expected. One near-fatal accident where the scooter went in reverse direction injuring the rider badly garnered very bad media attention for Ola Scooters.

What is irritating is Ola's "ostrich burying its head in the sand" attitude. It is refusing to accept the scooter's shortcomings and continues to blame the riders for improper usage.

Ola seems to be losing its enormous goodwill quickly just like the air escaping from a pricked balloon. 

And the bad news never seems to end. A customer's death caused by the electric scooter's battery explosion in Vijaywada has cast a gloom and dampened the buyers' sentiments. 

The electric scooter companies and the government regulators have to ensure the users' safety and see that more lives are not lost. 

Come on Ola get your act together. Don't blame the customer. He is always right. 

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