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April 28, 2022

Finding money on the Street - Plain lucky or is there a twist in the tail?

April 14th 

There are reports in the media that people are finding money thrown on the roads of Hyderabad. 

Most rush in to collect Rs 2000, Rs 500, and Rs 100/- bills. On examination, the currency proves to be worthless. They are simply a snare to pull in people. It is a marketing gimmick. 

My two-bits: 

1) Bit one, can a currency of a country even if it is not real currency be thrown on the roads so callously?   It somehow does not appear to be right. And what if there is a stampede thinking it is real money, who is responsible?

2) Bit two, what about the possibility of accidents in the melee to pick up notes? What about the traffic jams it can cause?

Appears to be a brilliant marketing coup at the first instance but shows desperateness!

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