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February 22, 2011

News readers and their funny pronunciation - Case for correct Communication

News readers have a important role to perform. They have to read the news, create interest in the viewers and at the same time appear to be empathetic. Many a time news readers make mistakes which are absolute howlers.

Many of the north Indian news readers get the south Indian state names all muddled up. They call Kerala as Keral, Tamil Nadu as Tamil Nad and Karnataka as Karnatak. This jars the South Indians . North Indian News readers find the word Tiruvananthapuram difficult to pronounce. Their struggle are painful to see and hear.

Some times their pronunciation of even national level leaders is puzzling. They get the name of P.V.Narasimha Rao wrong and call him Narsing Rao. They end up calling Kurnool as CURNOOL. In Andhra Pradesh Kurnool is spelled as KARNUL. Same way they call Cuddapah as CUDDAPAH where as the local people call it Kadapa. They call Ongole as on-gole but in Andhra Pradesh it is pronounced as Ong-goal.

Laxshmi becomes Laxmi and Rajender becomes Rajinder. Chandigarh becomes Chandigad. When pronouncing names from a different region one needs to be careful. Same  is the case with Bengalis. They call computer as cumputer and customer as kustomer and shoe becomes su. Very  puzzling.

A south Indian was working in Kolkata, Bengal. His neighbor had called him one day for Bhojan (dinner). The south Indian was excited,. Being the foodie, he was exited as Bengali food is tasty and has mouth watering fish curries.

He eagerly goes to his neighbor’s house in the evening. He finds all his other neighbors also there. They were sitting on the floor and chanting hymns and prayers. This  goes on for two hours. The  south Indian was getting frantic. His stomach was grumbling, But he sits and waits. May be the Bhojan will be served after  the prayers!. But to his dismay small amount of Prasad is served. All his neighbors were going home. Hurt and terribly hungry he looks at his host. His host folds his hands and says “ Thank you very much for coming to our  house at attend the Bhojan”. The reality hits the South Indian hard, His neighbor meant “Bhajan- praying and singing and not Bhojan - eating”.   

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