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February 27, 2011

Poultry Owner - to feed or not to feed is the question?

One poultry owner had a visitor. The visitor enquired "what do you feed your hens?” The poultry owner wanted to impress the visitor and launched into a tirade “ I give them soya drink in the morning. They get piped in music. They get customized lunch and dinner. They also enjoy air conditioned comforts and the vet is just a call away”. The visitor nodded grimly “ if you are giving so much you must be making lot of money. I am from the Income tax department. You will have to pay a penalty of Rs 1,00,000/-”. The agitated owner had no choice but to pay the penalty.

One month later the poultry farmer had an another visitor. The process was repeated. On enquiry of the type of treatment, the owner said “ hey, I don’t feed them anything. They get lots of water from a tap and they wile away the time by fighting among themselves. And they never get a visit from  the vet. On death they carcasses are simply dumped into the garbage”. Shocked to the core the visitor said “well well I am from the SPCA (Society for prevention of cruelty towards animals). You are treating your birds very cruelly. You will have to a pay a fine of Rs 2,00,000/-”. The flabbergasted owner had again no choice but to pay the fine.

The next month the poultry has one more visitor. This time the owner was very careful. He took out a tooth pick from his mouth “ Well sir. You know how hens are. They are finicky eaters. Their taste differ. In the morning all the birds queue up in front of me. I hand them Rs 100/- each. They eat and drink whatever they fancy”.

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