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March 02, 2011

Hey Ram - Funny Signs!

Sala Thai: A Sala also known as a Sala Thai is an open pavilion used as a meeting place and to protect people from sun and rain. Most are open on all four sides. They are found throughout Thailand in Buddhist temple areas or Wats although they can also be located in other places.  Most Indians find this sign very amusing as Sala in Hindi means a bother-in-law and is used in a defamatory way of addressing someone else.

John Tailors: Signs are everywhere.  We are so used to signs that we tend to ignore them. But reading of signs especially commercial signs can be great fun and a very rewarding experience. One sign my father told me was really great. It was a sign of a famous tailor. He very proudly exclaimed “God made Man. We made him a gentleman”. Very true in a world that measures people by what they wear, this sign rings very true.

On a visit of a small eatery I found so many mistakes in the menu card hung on a wall that I clicked a snap in my cell phone. The mistakes are so funny. They are listed below

The Menu card says snaks instead of Snacks

The shop sells Paneer Pups (small baby dogs), I think the shop means Paneer Puffs

They also have cury pups and Cheez pups – instead of Curry Puffs and Cheese puffs

You could eat Pija instead of the traditional Pizza

They serve you Paws (dog feet). I think the vegetarian hotel means Pau or local Indian bread

Yes they serve bred- no well bred but Bread and also bred garlick  oops that is bread garlic

Hey have Gobi Cheez in High resolution – Not an electronic shop that is Gobi Cheese Hot dog

They also have veg tanduri – Well actually it is veg tandoori

They serve buter paneer – that is butter panner for you

Hey also serve bred sendwich – exotic dish absolutely non no – That is bread sandwich

Hey Ram:  On a visit of Varanasi one is filled with holy spirit and feeling of awe and exhilaration. But a sigh that was on the wall enlightened us and brought a smile on our face. It said Sri Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram. What followed was very amusing – Enjoy Ram. Enjoy Ram that was a big stumper. Enjoy.

Charvi passion: I and my brother-in-law were driving and this sigh was pointed out to me by Sai. It said Charvi passion. Charvi Passion, initially I thought it was a Malayalam movie. But what was written below the sign made things very clear. It was Charvi passion and I was a ladies boutique. The problem of fashion becoming the passion of the painter.  

Crocodile Park: Jim Corbett National park in Uttar Pradesh India is a wild life enthusiasts dream come true. The national park is known for its wild life including the sighting of the Bengal Tiger. Jim Corbett Park has a crocodile park with a sign. “Trespassers will be eaten. If found alive they will be prosecuted”. Talk about double jeopardy.

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