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May 26, 2014

I scream,you scream,we all scream for Famous Icecream, Hyderabad

 Famous ice-cream. The ice-cream joint that has a special place in the heart of people from Old city, Hyderabad. Nestling in the majestic building near Mojamjahi market traffic signals, Famous ice-cream is the most unique ice cream joint in India. Started more than fifty years ago by Mohammed Haleem, Famous ice cream Hyderabad has been and still is the old City’s most popular ice cream joint. Many other ice cream shops have come up next to it but Famous ice cream is the best among them all. 

Famous has the best hand churned ice-creams. These are made mostly from fresh fruits. The flavors are Chickoo, Sitaphal, Mango and Melon etc.

I have known this ice cream center for more than 25 years. It is associated with my childhood. I remember gorging on ice-creams and the bill never used to cross Rs 10/-. Even in 1989 the cost of a pot (two scoops) was Rs 6/- (now it is Rs 25/-).The Pista Kulfi was Rs 5/-. I remember a visit along with my colleague Jayant P Shidiye of RES Limited, when we had many ice-creams. Jayant kept on saying “3 pots here and 6 in the van”. The men were in the open and the women and the kids had parked themselves in the van!.

Famous ice-cream  is a case of how nativity can be maintained even in the ruthless march of the modern technology. I had taken my MBA students from CBIT Aparna, Porrnima, Rajasekhar, and Rambabu  to Famous Ice-creams in 1998. They liked the ice-creams but heart of hearts I don’t think they liked the place and the ambiance. 

But that is the USP of Famous Ice-cream, It is very much in your face. Customers don’t come to admire the place or the ambiance. It is a place where one can gorge and have an orgy. An ice-cream orgy.  The punch lines suggested by my wife Padmavathi for Famous ice-cream “You can’t stop with one” and “You can have many at a cost of one”.  

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