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May 16, 2021

Coca-Cola Bharatanatyam Advertisement - Common sense is not Common!

First Posted on Facebook on 27th December 2020!

The latest Coco-Cola advertisement is a big letdown, especially as it comes from a company that is made spreading happiness it's credo and whose advertisements always touched the hearts.

The latest advertisement depicts a group of Bhartnatyam dancers (all nubile pretty young girls) practicing.

Suddenly they hear some noises (being polite) and they all scamper out. They witness a western hop dance practice session. And the instructor, none other than Rishi Kapoor's son aka RKS (that is how I recognize him).

There is a break and RKS takes out a coke and guzzles it. And there is adequate skin and abs show. The Bhartnatyam girls go "ga ga". The byline "turn up the day"

What the heck, Coke what is this advertisement all about? Why the Bharatanatyam girls? Does it mean that Bhartnatyam learning girls are all old-fashioned and staid!

And what is the connection? Why Bharatnatyam, is it because of pretty colours and costumes. And why should the girls ogle the instructor?

Come on Coca-Cola, this creative looks as if were thought and executed out of a toilet seat by a team suffering from acute constipation!

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