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May 22, 2021

Yamma Soda Point - Commonsense is not Common!

 First published on Facebook on 29th March 2021

Sometimes nothing can beat real life. Found a "Yamma Soda Point". For the uninitiated Yama is the god of death and Yamma sounds like a Telugu curse word. So what is the mystery?


Vijay Arjun Veeravalli: It is "Yummy" I think 🤔

Anil Ramesh: Good guess!

Surendranath Uma: Wife name may be jayamma .....

Anil Ramesh: You got it Umakka, you are the second, Dr. Kota was the first to get it correct.

Kn Srinath: Anil Ramesh Its something akin to my childhood story where one listener of radio says that he heard a news "కప్ప పాము ని చంపేను"... whereas original news is వెంకప్ప పాముని చంపెను.

Hareesh Rebelli: Maybe an image of 1 person and text that says 'MBA CHAIN MBA CHAI WALA India's Most Iconic Chai Wala Franchise Outlet'

 Anil Ramesh: Why not MBAs should be ready for anything. Dignity of Labour!

 Anil Ramesh: Like the hero in the book "Starbucks saved my life" says 'If one is asked to be the restroom cleaner, prove to be the best restroom cleaner of the world'

Bhagyalakshmi Bhagya: abba Uma entha correct ga guess chesindi

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