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May 22, 2021

Common Sense is not Common - 15 minutes of Fame - Krispycreme Vs AtilisGym!

First published on Facebook on 26th March 2021

When Krispykreme started giving free donuts for getting CoVid vaccination shots, AtilisGym is giving away free membership for all who don't get the vaccination. The reason "they believe in health - the real way - exercise, good diet, plenty of vitamin D, and an environment to de-stress".

While the intention is appreciable, the path is questionable. Encouraging people not to take vaccination is downright outrageous especially in a country where 3.5 crore people are infected and 5.65 lakh people have died due to the pandemic. 

This reminds me of the concept  "15 minutes of fame which is short-lived media publicity or celebrity or an individual or phenomenon". 

The expression was inspired by Andy Warhol's words "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes"


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