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May 22, 2021

Being on the Button - Celebrity Endorsements

First published on Facebook on 15th January 2021

Companies have to tune into the present and keep responding to changes as they happen. 

First, it was Kinley's advertisement where Saurav Ganguly's daughter is advising her father to drink more water (albeit mineral water), to get over his illness. 

Not to be outdone Walkmate is airing its advertisement with Ravichandran Ashwin. Ashwin is injured and he needs to get well and what better to wear, than a comfy Walkmate! Wow.


L.K.Sandeep:  Sir, Huggies has some advice for Virat too...😀

Anil Ramesh: Good

Rohini Pisupati: Gosh, yes crossed my mind when I saw that Walkmate ad today. Also, does the general public still believe that the likes of Ashwin wear Walkmate?

Anil Ramesh: The celebrities don't and that is how the advertising pie crumbles, do you think that filmstars really use Lux soap or that calorie-conscious Salman Khan drinks Thums Up. They don't but make us believe that they do use the products they endorse, power of Persuasion, Rohini Pisupati. BTW, does it sound like a lecture at CBIT!

 Rohini Pisupati: Been a while on that side of the classroom, so I don't mind.

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