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May 22, 2021

Na Cheez Anta - Amul Cheese Telugu Advertisement - Lost in Translation - Translation blunder!

 First published on Facebook on 20th March 2021

This advertisement was really funny, I want Hindi readers to comment (Clue the key word's meaning in Urdu), of course, Hyderabad being quite urdu dominant many Telugu speaking Hyderabad friends too might get it. As they say devil is in detail!


Kartik Godavarthi: Is it “Idi naachee(z)se anta” sir?

Anil Ramesh: Yes, Kartik Godavarthi. Idi naa cheese sounds like Naacheez in Urdu meaning worthless! Goodone.

Vasundhara Nanjappa: Before posting an advertisement, lots of homework has to be done as India is a country of many languages. Your view is correct.

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