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May 16, 2021

Observation - The best way to learn!

 First Posted on Facebook on November 28th, 2020

Snap clicked at Miyapur Metro Station

The child is the father of the man. Being simple is the most complex thing in life. I keep telling students and don't know how much is internalized.
Some of the gratest things are very simple and many a times those simple things are taken for granted.
One thing I propogate and practice is the art of observations. Observe, learn and get inspired. After all imitation is best form of flattery!
I think I am a great observer when it comes to matters dealing with marketing. Another person with a keen eye to obseve and comment is Dr. Madhusudan Kota who for reasons only known to himself has become social media shy!
I came across this wonderful product, what is this product and why is the Marketer/ marketing teacher in me, so excited? First person to give a logical answer will be acknowledged.
Clue: 1913 is not time. The time is 1745 now!
Okay closing the game now, Bhaskar Nandula Chaithanya Muppavarapu Saibaba Sathyanarayanan, Kedar Kedareshwar and Rajeev Ranjan came up with excellent answers. Incidentally two of them are my colleagues and the other three are my students of Siva Sivani Institute of Management.
I really don't blame anyone for not getting exactly what I have in my mind because, I am sure that you don't use metro as frequently as I do (even in the prevailing pandemic times).
The biggest pain point is getting scanned and initially it was scary to get a forehead scan. Later it became a back of the hand affair.
A brilliant marketer married marketing with mandated action by combining footfall analysis with temperature scanning. What a great concept! 1913 is the number of travellers who have used Miyapur metro service today from the morning
I am not done, why not a small dash of sanitiser once the scan is done and why not a small printout with the temperature!
Why can't the printout carry a small ad of Dettol or any other company and why not use the LED panel to advertise health related services like diagnostic centres, sky is the limit!
Think on friends, every problem could be a curtain and a marketing opportunity might be lurking behind it.
Usually footfall analysis details are secretive and any one with analytical brain can get valuable data by simply visiting metro stations at the end of the day. Students could even get data on am hourly basis, so much free gyan!

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