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May 16, 2021

India Vs Australia Cricket series

First Posted on Facebook on 26th November 2020.

I started teaching way back in 1997 and my first assignment was with CBIT, Hyderabad. At that time, I performed pantomime in the class when I wanted to explain advertisements for my session in Marketing, especially in my sessions of Integrated Marketing Communications. Advertisements at that time were difficult to bring to the class and were not available like they are now, on tap on YouTube.

Of course, the students liked my pantomime and always remarked that the sessions were memorable. Marketing teachers nowadays are lucky. They can bring in the latest advertisements thanks to YouTube and can make the sessions that much more interesting.

I just saw the India Vs Australia cricket tour promotion and frankly, it was overboard and unnecessarily jingoistic. The advertisements stick out like a sore thumb and the chest-thumping machismo that the advertisement depicts is in stark contrast to what the series is all about.

The series is being seen as a thank you gift from the BCCI to Cricket Australia. Cricket Australia conveniently postponed the T20mworld cricket cup and the cancellation/postponement led to BCCI holding the cash-rich IPL in UAE.

So instead of the thanks what do the Australian cricket board get? A chest-thumping overboard advertisements which even dragged in the Covid – 19 fighters to promote the series. Talk about crash cheesiness! And the advantage of YouTube is that one can browse and try to see how the Australian media is projecting the same cricket series in Australia.

Even though I could not get my hand on any advertisements that talk about the forthcoming India Vs Australia cricket series, I could get my hands on a pretty funny advertisement. It features Veeru paaji (Veerendra Shewag) and Mathew Hayden.

I don't want to spoil the fun. Watch India vs Australia advertisements of Sony Six first and watch the Veeru paaji and Mathew Hayden advertisements later. You will be tickled pink!

First watch this advertisement

Then watch this advertisement

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