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May 22, 2021

Leaving Social Media - Please do - You will not miss anything nor will you be missed!

 First published on Facebook on 4th March 2021

Yuvraj Singh said today that he will totally go off social media. Good for him, I too left Facebook (in a huff) during the "Free basics" controversy (I am not active in any other social media platforms except Whatsapp). Of course, I kept blogging.

It was a refreshing change. I kept away from Facebook for a year and it was a great experience, I did not miss anything, did not miss anybody and dare say that not many missed me either. Life goes on.

So why did I return? I use Facebook as my digital diary and it is a repository of my feelings and my pennings for the day. Many a time, I simply post it and make it totally private. It is for my further reference. Yes many times I do post publicly too  and dare say that my postings are well received. 

Did anyone force me to return? Did anyone put a gun to my forehead? Nothing of that sort. I returned on my own sweet will, was back to basics freely (pun intended)!. 

Social media is "narcissitic" by nature.  People preen and all types of glory stories are put up. They are like war stories, stories  in which we are always the heroes. Facebook is for nice snaps, happy vacations, posting marriage and anniversary snaps and to show that we are happy with ourselves, our achievements, awards, rewards, showoff nice looking snaps of ourselves (photo editing and morphing tools help ofcourse)  and to show that we are happy with the world. 

Very rarely is sadness, misery or misfortune broached upon, forget even being mentioned. Social media is an addiction and it is in other words for people like Salman Khan, "I, Me, and Myself" and the world be damned. It is what the Americans are fond to say "belly grazing". 

So celebrities and non celebrities go ahead and go off social media. It is well worth it. You will not miss anything and dare I say you will not be missed either. Life goes on. It went on for so many years without social media, which is hardly decade and a half old! (365).

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