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May 02, 2022

Cadbury Silk and Cadbury 5 Star - ambush marketing or Guerilla marketing - Sniping at own brands - Product Cannibalism


Usually, companies try ambush marketing or Gureilla marketing on competitors or competing brands. But this is unusual! Cadbury is snipping at its OWN brand. Cadbury 5 star takes on Cadbury Silk.

Cadbury Silk says "how far will you go for love" on valentine's day and Cadbury 5 star is saying "do nothing". Creativity running wild. May be target audience are different. But if they are same, what are you trying to convey Cadbury?


Patrick Anthony: Cannibalism

Vijay Kumar Singh: Mom cooks noodles, as well as cereals, also considering the mood of the child but she doesn't want her child to cry for food. 😜

Vikram Aditya: It's being in a Relationship vs. Being Single. Targeting people's emotions and pushing the product line defining their relationship status.

This may decrease the sales of 5 Star, cannibalism will happen if customers take this ad seriously and will not buy 5star because of obvious valentine's day reasons.

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