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May 14, 2022

Liquor License bought at Rs 510 crores! Height of Hypocrisy.


Nirad C.  Chaudhuri author of "The autobiography of the Unknown Indian"  was correct, bang on. A lot of hypocrisy and double standards. We are a poor country and millions sleep every night with half-filled stomachs and a single wine shop's license goes for a whopping Rs 510 crores! 

Don't know the tenure of the license but if we assume it as a single year, the tax will be 1.5 crores per day. Maybe if it is 2 years tenure then it will be 75 lakhs per day. Wah what development and Vikas!

As M.S.Narayana says in one of his movies, it is the alcohol drinkers who are keeping the coffers ringing and keeping the state and central government moving on the path of progress!

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