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May 14, 2022

Kanta Prasad of Baba Ka Dhaba - "What is good for the goose might not be the same for the gander"


Great business lesson for all, "What is good for the goose might not be the same for the gander" meaning just because something worked for somebody, it is not a guarantee that it would work for someone else. 

Full sympathy for poor Kanta Prasad of Baba Ka Dhaba. Prasad was running his Dhaba the way he liked and he was getting a profit the way he knew by keeping all overheads razor thin. 

In walks, a Youtuber (now there are crores of them, everyone is a Youtuber, the easiest thing to do. Anyone can be one, all you need is a smartphone and a mouth), and Prasad is taken in by the razzmatazz. He is seduced by Youtube likes and the free comments. 

He thinks of himself as another Kamath or a Udupi guy. He forgets what made his Dhaba so famous, "reasonable wholesome food" loved by his middle and lower-middle-class clientele. 

Drawn into the web he sets up a restaurant. His overheads shoot up and he starts making a loss of Rs 60,000/- per month. 

Same Prasad who may be was doing Rs 10,000/- sale a day but making a profit of maybe 2,000/-. 

After losing Rs 5,00,000/-, Prasad is back and has reopened his old Dhaba. Let this be a lesson for all. 

There is no easy method or easy way of becoming successful. The percentage of people who make real money is very very less.  I would say 0.0001% chance of being successful. 

Don't get fooled by propaganda, propaganda is propaganda. It aims to gloss over facts and reality and paints the entire canvas in green hues!

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