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May 02, 2022

Unique Products - Printing the face on protective masks - Interesting innovation - New products - Corona Innovation- Necessity is the Mother of Invention


Face printing on protective masks: Very interesting video. As a marketing teacher, I look at everything from a deeper perspective.

My two bits about the video. 

1) Very dangerous, the scanning machine can be a deadly carrier of many diseases including our own dear friend CoVid 19. 

2) Masks are for protection and are a  serious health precaution. They need to be used and thrown quite frequently. So is spending Rs 60/- worth the effort. Think about it. 

3) To me my face is not so attractive that my world will collapse if part of it is not visible for the next 3 months. I am sure that people around me including my students can bear with my masked appearance and I am not narcissistic that I need to look beautiful in a mask. 

4) And most people don't wear the mask properly at all times. And god forbid if they slide the mask down or if the mask is out of position. The result would be hilarious and the wearer would look like an animated cartoon from a Disney movie. 

N.B: this is what happens when an academician writes about an issue. He rambles on and on. With sincere apologies.


Aditya Sunkara: Hi Sir, I think your point number 1 might be invalid. Given the number of interactions, these masks have to undergo to reach hands of consumers. They can be contaminated anywhere.

Also, Scanning machines and printing machines operate at high temperatures at which viruses don't survive. But if this printing promotes the usage of masks and stops the spread of infections, isn't it good?

Anil Ramesh: That is the point, Aditya it is not a frivolous product or a cosmetic product. This is the manifestation of a concept called "Empty mind is a devil's workshop" I would run at least 1,000 kilometers from such shops!

Rashmi D Rao: The whole point of wearing a mask is protection and maintaining hygiene. Styling isn't necessary. Yeah styling isn't wrong.. As I said Styling isn't necessary, which means people have a choice if they can afford it and really want to focus on styling and want matching masks or stylish masks of course they can wear them.

From a business point of view, it's perfect, the guys are and will earn superb money. And from a hygiene point of view, it isn't, I personally won't prefer such masks. And you can't just stay with 1 mask all the time. If you are using a cloth mask you need to wash it every time before you reuse it. From the price point of view, not everyone can afford Rs. 60 per mask. And one mask won't be enough. As far as N95 masks are concerned i know they are the ones that actually work but at least wearing normal masks and throwing it away after every use can be a good practice to stay away from flu-like diseases.

Krishna Panyam: You can wash them after printing. If this makes masks more acceptable, that is a good thing. In fact, we should encourage people to personalize their masks so that they can comfortably wear them for long periods.

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