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May 14, 2022

Mirabhai Channu gets Free Pizza for Life - My prediction comes true!


Mirabai Chanu wins the Silver medal in 49 kgs weightlifting category. Congratulations Chanu eat as much Pizza as you can. 

Pizza Hut and Dominos, make her your brand ambassador and give her a lifetime ration of Pizza. Hurry hurry, the early bird catches the worm!



Made this prediction two days ago and yesterday Dominos acted on it. Thanks to my cousin Vinay for the update.


Ravindranath Tiwari: Your prediction had lots of knowledge and experience SirAnil Ramesh: Thank you Ravindra Nath Tiwari, your encouragement means so much to me.

Ravindra Nath Tiwari: You know sir there will be a bit of you in all of us who have learned from you.

Anil Ramesh: Ravindra Nath Tiwari, that is the dream. Precisely why I came into teaching and why is why I post, write, publish, blog, research, appear in television interviews, conduct consultancy, do training and write books. To inspire as many people as possible. Godspeed and all the best. I am always available!

Patrick Anthony: Nostradamus in the making

Anil Ramesh: Mine is Common Sense Prediction, but thank you Patrick Anthony garu.

Patrick Anthony: Sir, common sense is a rare commodity.

Anil Ramesh: Patrick Anthony garu, common sense is most uncommon!

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