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May 14, 2022

Corona Milk and Corona Lemon Tea - Cashing on the Pandemic!


I am fascinated by signboards. This gem, I spotted at Punjagutta, today. The signboard said, "Corona Milk and Corona Lemon Tea". I was dumbfounded. "How much?" I asked, "12 rupees", "only Rs 12 for milk/tea full of Corona?" 

"Kya saab, mazaak kar rahey kya, this is not for getting  Corona, these are to avoid it" "how!?" I asked, wondering how this guy is selling these wonder drugs at Rs 12/- while the world is breaking its head as to how to combat the deadly virus. 

The tea stall owner explained. The milk/lemon water is full of ginger and he puts in lots of tea masala (and maybe biryani masala too) and heats them thoroughly!. 

These concoctions are supposed to improve immunity and help keep the deadly CoVid-19 at bay. 

Hats off, a great lesson in marketing, cash in on the opportunity. Sell hopes and dreams. This guy is a dream merchant par excellence.

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