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May 14, 2022

Comments and compliments from ex-students!


Comments and Compliments: 

Zelalem Roto A. Zewdie: That is the BIGGEST TRUE! Prof. You are really a moving library.

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Zelalem Roto A. Zewdie .

Patrick Anthony: Anil Ramesh Betham konjo Hastamari. Gobus

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Patrick Anthony garu.

Patrick Anthony: Bhahirdar Dairy

Anil Ramesh: Patrick Anthony? Dairy, not really, this conversation happened today, minutes before I posted. Surely social media did not exist in 2005, this student was my 2005 management batch student.

Ankita Singh: I agree with the conversation Sir. You are the ocean of learning, even I learned so much from you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Anil Ramesh:: Thank you Ankita Singh .

Shrinivas Acharya T: You hv inspired the inspiration

Rao Kondapi: wonderful comments You deserve

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Shrinivas Acharya T garu.

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Rao Kondapi sir.

Sudheer Raja: Anil Ramesh Thank U Sir for clearing my Doubts from Marketing ,Movies ,Politics,Advts,To Cricket .. Moving Universal Library U R..😎

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Sudheer Raja

Sabyasachi Rath: That is the real earning (Guru Dakshina)for a teacher Anil ji. Let us aspire to inspire

Anil Ramesh: Thank you Sabyasachi Rath ji.

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