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May 02, 2022

peyTM - Sweat Pants - Fake products that imitate famous brands - Any thing goes!

Very interesting, one of my colleagues is wearing trousers with the brand name Peytm. Classic case of fake/Spurious brands that imitate famous brands and the audacity of Indian manufacturers to get away with such practices! 

The funniest part is that Paytm is an E-wallet company and is not a clothing brand. But in a world full of clutter, Paytm is a clutter cutter and it has a huge recall. And there are enough predatory vultures to take care of any opportunity to get a free promotional ride.


Raghavendra Raghavender Matam: And it's Sweat too!

Anil Ramesh: PeyTm sweat is copycat's sugar syrup, Raghavendra Raghavender Matam!

Vijay Arjun Veeravalli: But Did he buy checking the brand name on that. I don't think so.

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