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May 14, 2022

What Honesty - Nestle admits that 60% of its products are unhealthy!


What honesty! 96% of Nestle's beverages, 99% of its bakery and confectionery products, and overall 60% of Nestle's products are not healthy! 

Hey hey, don't shoot the messenger! This information is from Nestle's own internal document. If not anything Nestle deserves one management equivalent of an  Oscar for honesty and "Open the mouth and put my own feet in" Syndrome!


Ranjit Basu: All our childhood and during college days this has been the staple diet and no one had food poisoning to date

Anil Ramesh: Ranjit Basu, might not lead to immediate diseases. Not being healthy means it could lead to long-term consequences, and side effects. Some products can even be carcinogenic, leading to cancer!

Arijit Santikary: Such an irony. If this is honesty then somebody will murder someone and accept that he/she has murdered and published it in the media!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

Ranjit Basu: Anil Ramesh sir Nestle is the only company making baby food Cerelac which does not  have any competitors till now even for fast food Maggie is best it is approved by FCI so please don't worry enjoy your Maggie meal with full enjoyment and without worry, our air which we breathe is more toxic and harmful so maggie cant be worse than that .. no one provides instant fast food at 12 Rs till date in India

Anil Ramesh: No no Arijit Santikary . It was an internal document that got leaked. Wait Nestle will firefight. We all know that most products are not HEALTHY! But we still consume them! That is how the cookie crumbles!

Arijit Santikary: Anil Ramesh okay sir! Understood!

Arijit Santikary: Anil Ramesh I have understood the sarcasm but I thought it was publicized by NestlΓ©. Misunderstood.

Anil Ramesh: Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware, always holds good!

Bijender Singh: I am not understanding why this will be surprising for us... We choose to eat unhealthy food and then expect that it will give us all vitamins and minerals... It's a " Joke on Us" .πŸ˜€πŸ˜€...Sab jaan ke bhi.. anjaan rehna...πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anil Ramesh: Arijit Santikary, still not very sure if it is not a marketing gimmick. If you remember Coke also did a campaign called "don't drink Coke". Sometimes negative publicity might actually spur rebels (with or without cause) to say "what the heck" and go … and indulge.

Remember our childhood, if our parents say don't do it, we would try to do it! Both as a dare and also to show that we rebel. Not very sure, everything is fair in love and Business!

Arijit Santikary: Anil Ramesh yes sir! Maybe a marketing gimmick as such negative news spreads fast.

Anil Ramesh: See it worked, a influencer like me would never have written glowingly about a product (I refuse to take money and write reviews). But I have given Nestle free publicity even though sarcastically. Think of it as pukkat ka publicity!

Bijender Singh: Anil Ramesh I don't think Nestle's main products need publicity eg. Maggie. They are now part of our life.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Anil Ramesh: It is called reminder advertising, even the greatest of the brands are forgotten if we are not continuously brainwashed. Out of sight out of mind! Bijender Singh

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