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May 02, 2022

Lockdown dairies - coping with the new normal - 2020 - Snowy at her best!


No wonder they are called Man's best friends. They come into our lives, can't talk but can express themselves, and became our friends for a lifetime. Yes I am talking about dogs and especially pet dogs. 

The happiest time for Snowy our dog is the time when we take her for her morning and evening walks. She lives her life the olfactory way - like all dogs smells mesmarize her and she is happiest sniffing her way through out the walk and challenging all and the sundry for a fight. 

Even though she is hardly 12 inches in height and weighs only 5 kgs, that does not worry her at all. She wants to get into scarps. She actually spills for a fight. 

First one or two days into the quarantine she was very happy. She was getting more walks than she wanted. Padma, me, Pranav and Sahithi were all willing and boy o boy she was more than willing. 

But for the last three days we have completely stopped going out of the house and Snowy started mopping. She does not like it one bit! 

And for the last three days I am walking in our floor itself. From west balcony into the drawing room, next into the living room, and drawing room and finally into the east  balcony. Exactly 100 steps. I keep doing 40, 50, 60 rounds. As many as I want. 

For a few seconds Snowy was non-plussed. Then she is understood the game. she is off, trooting along with me, albeit with her face grim and her expression injured and woebegone. 

But she will do it come what may. She actually likes it, except for the matter that the entire house is full of old smells for her and she likes new smells. 

The smells are her friends visiting cards and they tell her  the stories of the day. Pranav captured the video and she can be seen gamely walking next to me. And later on she is streched out on the balcony arugu. She is bored with the charade, no doubt at all.

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