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May 13, 2022

India no doubt bosses the world cricket!


India no doubt bosses the world cricket.

BCCI has convinced The Australian cricket board to play footsie with it and pesto Australian Cricket board has agreed to postpone its world cup to 2022 and the Indian world cup will stay on course in 2021. 

I will not be very surprised if the forthcoming England tour of Australia is magically postponed and the star players from Australia and England pack their bags to board the gravy train - 2020 IPL in Dubai. 

The island state of Sri Lanka has been toying with its own version of IPL, the Lanka Premier League. 

It has five teams and all the teams have names that sound uncannily like IPL teams. 

Sri Lankans just like any other country citizens in the world love their country very much. So why ape the IPL teams?

Reason is very simple - when Indians  through out  the world search the web for Chennai Super Kings team, also listed in the search engine would be Colombo Super Kings - abbreviated, you got it right- CSK! 

I think it is win-win for all and the sundry. It will not harm anyone. But my marketing experience says, the elephant in the room wins all attention. End of the day it will be more mileage  for Chennai Super Kings as they literally own CSK! 

And the guys beaming from one ear to the other, are the Owners of the Hyderabad Sunrisers. The Lankan team is called Jaffna Sunrisers!

See the crass commercialization  of it all. Lanka forcefully has put down the Tamil movement for independence but names it's Tamil dominated team Jaffna Sunrisers! Very blase! 

Why are the Sunrisers owners happy? The Owners are part of the Sun group and Spice jet and every time Jaffna Sunrisers team's name is uttered it is more positioning for its Sun group!  They say imitation is the best form of flattery.Wow, wow, it is all about money honey.

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